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Category : Court Judgements on RTI issues

Bureau of Immigration can give info to assist citi

SC rules that Coop Soc in Kerala not under RTI

PIO needs to be heard even for DA under Sec 20(2)

AWHO is a PA and under RTI

What is indirect funding in Sec 2(h)

Private information of passport applicants cant be

CIC can order depts to probe missing files

AP HC quashes appointment of 4 ICs 12 Sep 2013

Correct procedure for removal of IC

Marks Qualifications and experience of successful

Untraceability of record cannot result in compensation

Once consent order passed no disagreement possible

WP on RTI can only be entertained from aggrieved

PIOs non appearance can result in penalty

Applicant has no reason for seeking info hence den

HC can ask for Locus or reasons for RTI application

Terms and Conditions for imposing penalty

Complaint under Sec 18 not tenable if PIO gave rea

Penalty if info is only supplied after FAAs orders

Disclosure of station diary when case is on can im

Order of SIC set aside if third party not heard

RTI not applicable even before it is declared PA

Powers of IC under Sec 19(8) only during Appeal

If info sought from another officer under 5(4)

No need to give reason for seeking information 

Follow due appeal process before approaching HC 

SIC has no powers to review its orders

Asset details only when larger public interest

CICs order needs to be well reasoned

Interview marks and ACR details to be disclosed

Unreasoned order of Info Commission set aside

What is "substantial" in Sec 2(h) ?

List of donations made by President disclosable

TN temples managed by hereditary trustees are under the purview of the RTI Act

Asking for 1991 info in 2010 is misuse of RTI

Minutes of meetings of Judges not disclosable

Court cannot take over the role of a Info Commission

Chandigarh University is a PA under RTI

Info on mode of appointment & promotion disclose

Disgruntled employee cannot use RTI

Appointment of Maharashtra Chief IC upheld

ACRs and DPC to be disclosed to self

Commission cannot decide on the nature of informat

Costs of Rs 1000 for approaching High Court

Compensation only in case of second appeal 

Supreme Court: ACR details of others not disclosab

Court Judicial Docs only under Court rules

 Maharashtra CIC directs police to put FIRs online

Karnataka High court judgment on section 18

Judgement of the Supreme court - Disclosure of ACR

Madras High Court order denying info on complaints

SC: ACRs of others only after 3rd party and larger

Description : Find here the important court judgements made over RTI

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Category : RTI & Consumer Cases

 Most Powerful Judgements of the Consumer court

Lucknow Development Authority v/s M.K.Gupta


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